COA: Delivery of P6.5 billion worth of PNP equipment, supplies delayed

At least P6.507 billion worth of equipment and other supplies have not yet been delivered to the Philippine National Police (PNP), state auditors said. 

"The low delivery rate hinders the attainment of the purpose of the capability upgrade and the immediate use of the equipment," the Commission on Audit (COA) said in its 2019 PNP audit report released on Friday, August 28. 

In the audit report, COA noted that the biggest chunk of undelivered procurement involves P3.91 billion worth of "equipment and common-use supplies" delayed by one to 10 years by the budget department's Procurement Service. 

Meanwhile, P1.037 billion worth of "mobility, firearms, and other equipment" are still pending with the Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC).

From March to April 2016, a total of P1.348 billion was transferred to the PITC for new armored vehicles, firearms, and tactical equipment. Only P311.068 million worth of equipment have been delivered as of end-2019.

COA also pointed out that as of December 31, 2019, there were 24 procurement contracts for the delivery of equipment worth P1.508 billion under the PNP Special Action Force’s (PNP-SAF) Capability Enhancement Program that had incurred delays ranging from 117 to 797 days.

These contracts involve the following procurements, among others:

  • Multi-purpose armored vehicles, Cal. 50 heavy machine guns, remote weapon station for V150 commando vehicle, and automatic grenade launcher – P558.844 million
  • 288 sniper rifles with scope and clip-on thermal scope – P283.68 million
  • Medium troop carriers – P119.87 million
  • 60mm ultralight commando mortar – P49.974 million
  • Rocket launchers – P32.65 million
  • Aerodyne T10 parachutes – P23 million
  • Night vision rifle scopes – P20.513 million
  • Nightforce Xtreme hi-definition sporting scope – P8.225 million

According to the PNP, deliveries worth P256.29 million were made by the Procurement Service as of May 29, 2020. Documentary requirements for another P1.578 billion worth of basic assault rifles have yet to be completed.

The PNP said it had already advised the Procurement Service to refund the balance of unused advances to the Bureau of Treasury if delivery deadlines are not met.

Meanwhile, as of the last quarter of 2019, the PITC had delivered P316.27 million worth of equipment, including 149 light machine guns and 1,677 assault rifles, according to the PNP. Certificates of acceptance for these, however, have yet to be issued.

As for procurements under the PNP-SAF, the PNP said at least two contracts had been terminated in 2019 due to delays in delivery, while two suppliers – Caballo Negro Industriya Corp. and Lotus International Co. Ltd – had already been blacklisted. –