‘Colorum’ buses face P1M fine by June 19

MANILA, Philippines – Transportation Secretary Joseph Abaya on Tuesday, June 3, announced higher fines for “colorum” vehicles, or vehicles that operate outside the parameters set by regulatory bodies.

According to a joint administrative order to be issued by the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), and the Land Transportation Office (LTO), the new fines for first-time offenders are as follows:

The joint administrative order will be issued on Wednesday, June 4, and will take effect on June 19, or 15 days after the DOTC publishes the order in two newspapers of general circulation.

In a statement, Abaya said “safety is always [the DOTC’s] priority.” The LTFRB and LTO are attached agencies of the DOTC.

He added the P1 million fine “[shows] that we really mean business in putting an end to the inimical activities which put people’s lives at risk.”

“Colorum” vehicles aren’t the only ones facing hefty sanctions. Rude drivers should also watch out. In the statement, the DOTC said the order also covers other violations such as:

Other sanctions

Aside from the hefty fines, “colorum” vehicles will be impounded for up to 3 months, with its certificate of public convenience (CPCs) and vehicle registrations revoked, the DOTC said.

The vehicles will then be “blacklisted” from being used as PUVs.

If a vehicle is caught a second time, the CPCs of its operator's entire fleet will be revoked. The entire fleet’s vehicle registrations will also be revoked and the vehicle would be blacklisted by the LTFRB, the LTO, and the DOTC.

Operators caught using “colorum” vehicles twice “will de disqualified from operating any kind of public land transportation.”

“The order covers not only franchise violations but all breaches of road transport rules and regulations, such as the failure to attach license plates and driving without a valid license,” said Abaya. Failing to attach license plates or those who tamper with their plates face a P5,000 fine.

Fines for other violations will be detailed in the joint administrative order, said the DOTC. – Rappler.com