The Duterte list: Judges, mayors, police officials linked to drugs

MANILA, Philippines (2nd UPDATE) – President Rodrigo Duterte on early Sunday, August 7, named more than 150 officials from the judiciary, police, and local governments who are allegedly involved in the drug trade.

These are names he enumerated past midnight, some of them incomplete, and appearing to come from raw intelligence information. He told his audience in Camp Panacan in Davao City he will take responsibility for the list, which he said, had been revalidated.

A careful check, however, revealed that information has not been sufficiently verified. Among others, a judge whose name was included in the list, has already been dead since 2008. Several other judges and police officers have incomplete names, possibly putting at risk others who share their surnames. Some local government officials have also denied their links to the drug trade.

"Any mistake of the military and the police dito (here), ako yung tagasalo (I will take responsibility). I ordered the listing, revalidation, I am the one reading it and I am the sole person responsible for the same," Duterte said.

Below are the names, as announced by Duterte in a press conference in Davao City. This list was sent by the Palace on Sunday, even if it appeared incomplete. We encourage readers to take it with a grain of salt, but at the same time share knowledge that will either strengthen or correct information about the alleged links of these names to illegal drugs.

This page will be updated once Malacañang releases a list with complete names and designations. (READ: FACT CHECK: One judge in Duterte list already dead for 8 years)


Current and former LGU officials, Luzon

Current and former LGU officials, Visayas

Current and former LGU officials, Mindanao


Police officials and personnel


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