Duterte signs executive order increasing disabled workers' pensions

MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte signed an executive order (EO) increasing the monthly pension of disabled workers.

EO 54 provides a P1,150 across-the-board increase in the employees compensation for all permanent disability pensioners in the private sector, as well as qualified beneficiaries in the public sector.

The benefit increase is effective from January 2017, according to the EO. In 2017, Duterte also approved a P1,000 Social Security System (SSS) pension hike after a long debate on the increase.

The EO was signed by the President on Tuesday, May 8, but copies were made available to the media on Thursday, May 10.

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The EO also orders the SSS to continue implementing the minimum amount of at least P2,000 for the monthly disability and survivorship pension.

In the case of deceased pensioners, the SSS should continue to grant primary beneficiaries 80% to 100% of the pensioners' monthly benefits.

Meanwhile, carers' allowance for pensioners in the public and the private sector will also be increased from P575 to P1,000 monthly.


Reimbursement rates for physician fees will increase under EO 54. From the previous reimbursement rates of P100 for a general practitioner and P150 for a specialist during the initial visit, it has been increased to:

For physical therapy sessions, reimbursement rate has been increased from P65 to P500 per session.

Temporary total disability benefits will also be increased from a minimum daily income benefit of P10 to P110 and from a maximum daily income of P200 to P480.

Release of the fund will be under the Employment Compensation Comission, the SSS, and the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS).

According to the EO, results of the actuarial studies of the SSS and the GSIS show that the State Insurance Fund can finance the increases without affecting their stability and without requiring additional contributions. – Rappler.com

Aika Rey

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