​Duterte threatens protesting UP students: I'll let Lumad take your slots

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – President Duterte offered “bright” Lumad youth the slots of students at the University of the Philippines (UP) who might choose to “walk out” of classes to join protests on the streets.

The President made this warning on Thursday, February 1, at a gathering of leaders of indigenous communities in Mindanao at the military’s Eastern Mindanao Command headquarters here.

“Tagaan ‘ta mo ug privilege: one year ayaw mo pag-iswela. Kanang mga Lumad nga bright pasudlon tamo ug UP,” he said. (I’ll give you a privilege: don’t come to school for a year. I’ll let the bright Lumad enter UP.)

Duterte meant he would give away the privileges to students who kept “walking out”, a known expression of protest which UP students have taken against state policies, including tuition fee increases.

The President said he would be happy if these students emptied their slots, so he could give way to Lumad students from Mindanao.

He said he would also let in children of soldiers. “Tutal, kwarta man na sa tawo,” he said. (Anyway, that’s people’s money.) – Rappler.com