Conversation: How do we solve the flooding problem?
Conversation: How do we solve the flooding problem?
Join our simultaneous Facebook and Twitter #PHVote conversation on Friday, August 28, at 12 noon Manila time!

MANILA, Philippines – Flooding is a problem experienced by residents of both urban and rural areas.  

For a country that deals with an average of 20 typhoons a year, it remains a mystery how the country fails to mitigate the problem which seems to worsen every year. 

Experts agree that flooding is less of a natural disaster and more of man-made, a combination of poor law enforcement, inefficient planning, and skewed political interests. Changing weather patterns aggravate the situation.

In the aftermath, economic activities are hampered, sources of livelihood are destroyed, and people are pushed out of their homes. A quick heavy downpour in Metro Manila could, in fact, cause gridlock and paralyze the metropolis.

multi-billion flood management project provides a semblance of hope for the worsening flooding problem.

Launched in 2012, the project provides a roadmap for flood mitigation until 2035, to protect the 20 million residents of the National Capital Region, Calabarzon, and Bulacan province. 

When will the positive effects of the flood management project be felt? What reforms does the government need to implement to prepare for more extreme weather? How can the public help in mitigating the flooding problem in the metropolis?

These questions are just few of things the next president will have to face and address after the 2016 elections. 

As part of our #PHVote campaign, we will hold a simultaneous Facebook and Twitter conversation on August 28, at 12 noon Manila time.

Join the discussion using the hashtag #PHVote, and let’s help fix the flooding problem in the country. –

The PHVote #ToFixList is a crowdsourcing campaign to highlight the issues that you think leaders should address to get your vote in 2016. What issues matter and which of the country’s problems should be prioritized and solved? Let us know through Twitter and Instagram – use #ToFixList!

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