Poe’s dad-in-law: Neil won’t be another Mike Arroyo

Poe’s dad-in-law: Neil won’t be another Mike Arroyo
'He promises that he will not be like the past First Gentleman,' says the presidential bet's father-in-law

LAGUNA, Philippines – The father-in-law of presidential bet Grace Poe on Friday, April 1, assured the public that his son – Teodoro Misael Daniel “Neil” Llamanzares – will not end up like former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, if Poe wins as president.

Dr Teodoro “Teddy” Llamanzares on Friday, April 1, said his son has promised he would not be another Mr Arroyo, who was linked to irregularities during the 9-year term of his wife, then president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

The Arroyos have also been accused of cheating Poe’s father, the late action hero Fernando Poe Jr during the 2004 presidential election.

“(Neil) promises that he will not be (like) the past (First) Gentleman. But I can vouch for it,” he said when asked if Neil is ready to become a First Gentleman.

The Llamanzares patriarch also said that according to Poe, his son has already renounced his American citizenship.

It was the senator who first brought up the idea in a radio interview last November. But since then, she has refused to give categorical answers each time she was asked about the status of her husband’s citizenship. (READ: Grace Poe: My husband’s US citizenship is ‘not an issue’)

“They used to be dual (citizens). You have to remember when you’re dual (citizens), you’re citizens of both countries. I think Grace told me he already renounced kasi para walang queries, walang tanong (so that there would be no queries, no questions),” he said.

Since birth Poe’s husband has been a dual citizen of the US and the Philippines. He was born to Filipino parents who, Poe said, just so happened to be studying in the US then. (READ: TIMELINE: Grace Poe’s citizenship, residency)

Full support of in-laws

Some of Poe’s staff described her in-laws Teddy and Carol as very private individuals. In fact, it was the elderly couple’s first public appearance in support of their daughter-in-law.

Despite the sweltering heat, they joined Poe in her noontime rallies in Lumban – hometown of the Llamanzares family – and Siniloan, which is almost half-an-hour’s drive away.

Poe’s father-in-law had nothing but good words for the senator.

“Grace, we have been with her for 23 years, being my daughter-in-law. She’s talagang ano, a fighter. (She’s really a fighter.) Kaya gustong-gusto niya matuwid na daan pero (That’s why she really wants the straight path but) it will be a different version,” he said.

Poe, in return, was all praises for her in-laws. In a speech before their townmates, she recounted how the Llamanzares patriarch had to work hard to have a comfortable life.

The senator also made sure she reminded Lumban residents that her husband hails from their town. She then took the opportunity to defend her husband from citizenship issues raised against him. 

“Basta sa kampanya sa pag-iikot, iba pa rin ang pakiramdam sa bayan ng iyong pamilya. Ang aking asawa ay Pilipinong Pilipino, ang aking asawa ay kamukha ng marami dito sa Lumban. Ang aking asawa ay guwapo, syempre sino pa ba ang magsasabi niyan kundi ang kaniyang kabiyak?” Poe said in her speech.

(In our campaign, it’s still feels different to be in your family’s hometown. My husband is every inch a FIlipino. My husband looks like many people here in Lumban. My husband is handsome, of course, who else would say that except for his wife?)

Poe’s husband has worked as an executive in San Miguel since 2006, the same year he returned to the country from the United States.

According to his LinkedIn profile, which has since been deleted, he is a “Special Consultant to the Chief Executive Adviser of San Miguel Corporation’s telecommunications group for IT related initiatives.” – Rappler.com

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