2022 Philippine Elections

By The Numbers: Election surveys in the Philippines

By The Numbers: Election surveys in the Philippines
Rappler talks to UP School of Statistics associate professor Peter Cayton about the strengths and limitations of surveys, and how to spot dubious ones

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MANILA, Philippines – Election surveys give a snapshot of voters’ preferences at a particular time.

But not all surveys are equal. Some are meticulously designed to reflect realities on the ground, while others follow less rigorous processes.

Worse, some surveys are dubious and are just disseminated for mind conditioning.

Candidates also question results, as the numbers are supposedly very different from what they see and experience on the ground.

In this episode of By The Numbers, Rappler talks to Peter Cayton, associate professor of the University of the Philippines’ School of Statistics, about what makes a good survey, the processes to be followed, as well as polling limitations. – Rappler.com