CONVERSATION: Things to know before you cast that one party-list vote

MANILA, Philippines – On May 9, voters will choose new sets of leaders, including organizations that will earn seats through the party list.

Voters will choose one from among the 115 party-list groups on the official ballot. The winning groups earn a seat or a maximum of 3 seats in the House of representatives according to the number of votes each organization garners.

For 2016, a total of 59 seats are assigned to party-list nominees.

The system of electing representatives through the party list was introduced in the 1987 Constitution as a way of increasing minority and sectoral representation in Congress. Any party, group, or coalition receiving at least 2% of the votes cast in the exercis wins a seat, and can win a maximum of 3 seats.

A week before election day, the spotlight has so far been on presidential and vice presidential candidates. If you're one of the voters who have neglected studying the party-list campaign this season, join Rappler's conversation on how you can make that one vote in the party-list election count.

In our conversation on Monday, May 2, at 6 pm, we will discuss the following:

Use the hashtag #PHvote. You only have one vote. –

Learn more about the Philippine party-list system: