2019 election must-reads: A curated list

MANILA, Philippines – Filipinos are heading to polling stations on Monday, May 13, for the 2019 midterm elections.

The midterm poll is seen mainly as a check on the current administration. Are Filipinos, as surveys suggest, still in favor of the Duterte administration? Or will they elect senators, district representatives, and local leaders with different affiliations?

It can get a little overwhelming even for the most politically-savvy person but don’t fret – we got you. We asked our reporters – people who’ve been on the campaign trail, who’ve immersed in their respective fields of expertise, and who, more or less, know the lay of the land – to suggest essential reads in the lead-up to voting day.

Whether you’re a nervous first-time voter, have been reading up on electoral and political issues since day 1, or are cramming before you head to the polls, here are stories and issues you have to brush up on for May 13 and beyond.

Comelec: The basics

Money, money, money

The religious vote?

Admin advantage 

The opposition

Of elections and the drug war

Politics is local 

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