Grace Poe’s kids affected by citizenship allegations

MANILA, Philippines – The allegations hurled at Senator Grace Poe are now taking their toll on her children.

The senator’s son Brian on Thursday, August 13, said the issues thrown at his mother affect him and his younger siblings.

Siyempre may mga fears, may konting kaba bilang anak. Alam mo naman nanay ko 'yan eh nakikita ko 'yung mga bashers, haters, 'yung black propaganda. Oh my gosh 'yung black propaganda. Nung naalala mo 'yung 2004 kung anu-ano sinasabi nila tungkol sa lolo ko. Ngayon pa lang lumabas ulit 'yung citizenship. Alam mo naman black prop na naman 'yan. As a son, obviously that affects me. Lalo 'yung mga kapatid ko na mas bata sa 'kin,” Brian said.

(Of course there are fears, slight worries as a son. That's my mom. I see the bashers, haters, and the black propaganda. Oh my gosh, the black propaganda. In 2004 they said a lot of things about my grandfather. You know, that's black [propaganda] again. As early as now, the citizenship issue is again out. As a son, obviously, that affects me, especially my younger siblings.)

The senator has 3 children – Brian, 23, Hanna, 17, and Nika, 11. Brian said he is worried that his younger siblings might see all the negative things about their mother on the Internet. 

I’m just worried na mababasa nila yung comments online. Siyempre our youngest is in grade school, marunong na siya mag-Google and YouTube at binabasa niya 'yung mga bashers online,” Brian said.

(I'm just worried my siblings would get to read the comments online. Our youngest is in grade school and she knows how to use Google and YouTube and she reads the bashers' [comments] online.)

Despite this, Brian said they have “100% support” for their mother whatever she decides on.

Grace Poe ‘serious’ about 2016 possibility

Brian earlier resigned from his reportorial job at CNN Philippines. (READ: Grace Poe reporter-son goes on leave to help mom)

He earlier told Rappler the senator herself sought his help for her “decision-making” for 2016.

Now, Brian said his mother is “serious” about considering seeking a higher post next year.

“Sineseryoso niya talaga yung posibilidad na tatakbo siya sa mas mataas na posisyon. Well, I mean of course, the different meetings as you’ve been covering her, meeting a lot of people nagsasabi na sakaling mag-decide siya they will provide her support, these are the types of things that are telling signs na medyo seryoso na yung landas, I guess,” Brian said.

(She is really taking this seriously – the possibility of seeking a higher post. Well, I mean of course, the different meetings as you've been covering her, meeting a lot of people who say they would support her if she decides to run, these are the types of things that are telling signs that the path is being taken seriously, I guess.)

Brian said he would take an active role in his mother’s prospective campaign. He cited the sisters of President Benigno Aquino III who subbed for Aquino in several campaign sorties in 2010.

Alam mo naman kahit si PNoy nung tumakbo siya 'yung mga kapatid niya nag-sub din para sa kanya. Maliit lang pamilya ko at medyo may edad na lola ko, ibig sabihin sasama ako sa kampanya,” Brian said.

(You know, even when PNoy ran in 2010, her sisters subbed for him. Our family is just small and my grandmother is already old, which means I would have to join the campaign.)

Brian admitted saying this to his mother – that whatever she decides to do would have an impact on people. 

“You can say no and you can decide not to run, but you also have to remember if you decide not to run, what happens in the next administration is also part of your responsibility…because you decided to run or not to run,” Brian said.

Brian said his mother is hardly discouraged by all the issues thrown at her, saying this is only a “taste of what is to come if ever there is a bigger campaign in the future.” – 

Camille Elemia

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