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When he campaigned for the presidency in 2016, Rodrigo Duterte exploited a sentiment that was widespread among those living outside the National Capital Region: anger and frustration about being left out by “imperial Manila.”

“To this day, there is a feeling in the regions that they are being left out and discarded,” says Rappler’s Cebu Bureau coordinator Ryan Macasero. 

“But these communities, I believe, have always had a voice, and our role as journalists is to pay attention and let them tell their stories and amplify their voices,” Macasero adds. “If we do not pay attention and allow them to continue feeling like second class citizens due to their regional, cultural, and economic statuses, we are in danger of allowing another autocrat from the regions to rise.”

In 2022, as in the past elections, Filipinos will be electing more than 18,000 officials, from municipalities all the way up to Malacañang. And Rappler, with the help of our community, wants to ensure that the needs, concerns, issues, and voices of the localities that will elect these officials are heard. 

In a Rappler+ exclusive research (which requires membership to access), Rappler investigative editor Miriam Grace A. Go says, “An insight often ignored in every election is that even in races for national positions – where media advertisements and endorsements of national figures are given prominent credit – it is the local vote bases that deliver.” 

Keeping this in mind, Rappler wants to cover as many key areas as possible across the country. You can be a part of our election coverage by helping us reach these areas. Your generosity will allow us to capture sentiment on the ground and paint a more accurate picture of what Filipino voters are thinking and saying about issues that matter to them.

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