INFOGRAPHIC: Allowed election propaganda

MANILA, Philippines - National and local candidates have a little over a month left to campaign before the May 13 elections. So expect them to go to great lengths – maybe even push the limits – in promoting their candidacies.

Voters and watchdogs, meanwhile, should make sure these candidates are sticking to the rules on the types, sizes, frequency of allowed campaign materials.

We are re-publishing this infographic by Rappler's Teddy Pavon on what election propaganda are allowed under the Commission on Elections' Resolution No. 9615, which tackles this year's campaign rules:

The Comelec urges the public to report violations through its Twitter account, @Comelec, using the hashtag #SumbongMo. Concerned citizens may also relay their reports through Comelec hotlines 527-5574, 525-9345, and 525-9302. –

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