Rappler Talk: Panfilo Lacson on his second bid for the presidency in 2022


He ran for president and lost in 2004, when everyone still remembered him, not just as a first-time senator but also as the police chief who withdrew his support for his ousted president Joseph Estrada three years prior.

Some 17 years later, after serving multiple terms as senator and even becoming a fugitive for over a year, Panfilo Lacson is gunning once again for the presidency.

Second chances, however, do not guarantee success. As a presidential aspirant, Lacson still trails in the surveys.

In this Rappler Talk, congressional reporter Rambo Talabong sits down with Lacson on his second bid for the presidency, how he plans to pull it off, what he thinks is different this time, and what he really thinks about the Duterte administration.

Watch the interview here. – Rappler.com