2022 Philippine Elections

Rappler Talk: Vice President Leni Robredo on the 2022 elections

Rappler Talk: Vice President Leni Robredo on the 2022 elections
Political reporter Mara Cepeda speaks with the Philippine opposition leader on September 3 at 3 pm. Watch the interview live on Rappler.

All eyes are on Leni Robredo, Philippine vice president and opposition leader, as the filing of candidacies for the 2022 elections draws near.

For months, she has been carefully discerning whether to mount a presidential bid in 2022. 

Robredo’s supporters argue she is the most qualified person to lead the country amid a pandemic, citing the Office of the Vice President’s quick and efficient programs that she runs even with a meager annual budget. 

But the odds are stacked against Robredo.

She continues to lag behind five other potential presidential contenders in terms of popularity across all geographical locations and socio-economic classes.

It’s a result of Robredo’s refusal to play the dirty game of politics despite the attacks from the Duterte machinery and the unspoken burden she carries as chair of the now-demonized Liberal Party.

Robredo’s allies and supporters have since been aggressively campaigning to help raise her profile as a presidential bet. The song “Kay Leni Tayo,” produced by FlipMusic Records for free to aid the Vice President’s supporters, vouches for Robredo’s track record.

The Vice President herself has also been busy meeting with other possible presidential candidates to build a bigger opposition coalition. 

She has launched her own podcast, and has been granting interviews with celebrities like Bianca Gonzalez and Toni Gonzaga.

These are moves seen to help the Vice President reach out to other sectors that are not necessarily sold yet to the idea of a “President Robredo.”

The Vice President knows much is at stake in 2022 and she would soon be deciding if she would set her sights on Malacañang in next year’s elections.

Political reporter Mara Cepeda sits down with Robredo to ask about her journey as vice president, the kind of leader Filipinos need amid the COVID-19 crisis, and Robredo’s plans in the 2022 elections.

Watch the interview live on Rappler on Friday, September 3, at 3 pm. – Rappler.com