2022 Philippine Elections

LIST: Who is running in Sarangani in the 2022 Philippine elections?

LIST: Who is running in Sarangani in the 2022 Philippine elections?
They are running in 1 congressional district and 7 municipalities

Political aspirants in 81 provinces filed their certificates of candidacies October 1-8. 

In Sarangani, they are running in 1 congressional district and 7 municipalities.

Who will be running for provincial government positions in Sarangani in the coming May 2022 polls? 

This page has been updated to reflect the Commission on Elections’ tentative list “based on the initial evaluation of the Certificates of Nomination, Certificates of Candidacy and Certificates of Nomination and Acceptance.” 

The Comelec says “the contents of the list…are subject to change as a result of any further evaluation or resolution” of the commission en banc.

This page reflects the Commission on Elections’ final list of candidates. 

For congressional representative


1st District
  • ABAYON, LITO (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • DANGANE, WILLIE (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
  • SOLON, STEVE (People’s Champ Movement)

For governor

  • AQUIA, BONG (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • LIM, GLADDEN (Independent)
  • PACQUIAO, ROGELIO (People’s Champ Movement)

For vice governor

  • DE PERALTA, ELMER (People’s Champ Movement)
  • SAGUIGUIT, ELEANOR (Aksyon Demokratiko)

For board member

1st District

  • ABDUL, ROY (Independent)
  • ABEQUIBEL, ARNOLD (People’s Champ Movement)
  • BASCUÑA, JESS (People’s Champ Movement)
  • BORRIS, VIGOR (Independent)
  • CHUA, MANUEL (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • DIMATINGKAL, ALEMUD (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
  • IBRAHIM, PING (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • JAMORA, RUSSELL (People’s Champ Movement)
  • KAMAD, SOLAIMAN (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
  • MANTUA, BEBING (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • PAYAR, REY (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
  • ROJAS, DEXTER (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • SAYO, ROSEMARIE (People’s Champ Movement)
  • UNTAL, ANITO (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)

2nd District

  • ARNADO, IRISH (People’s Champ Movement)
  • BARREDO, JENNIE (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
  • BELDAD, TOTO BELDAD (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • BELIMAC, DINDI (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • BOMES, PASTOR (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • CALANAO, JOSEPH (People’s Champ Movement)
  • GALZOTE, EPHRAIM (People’s Champ Movement)
  • GRAFILO, CORAZON (People’s Champ Movement)
  • LIANSING, JORGE JR. (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
  • OLARTE, BOGS (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • PANGOLIMA, THONG (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • RUIZ, JOSE TRANQUILINO (People’s Champ Movement)
  • SAYA-ANG, BOBBY (Aksyon Demokratiko
  • SINGCOY, GWYNN (People’s Champ Movement)

Cities and municipalities


For mayor
  • SALARDA, VIC PAUL (People’s Champ Movement)
For vice mayor
  • ESPAÑOL, RONNE (Independent)
  • SALWAY, LENTE JR. (People’s Champ Movement)
For councilor
  • ALABA, ARLYN JOY (Independent)
  • ATON, JOEL (People’s Champ Movement)
  • FLORES, FERDINAND REY (People’s Champ Movement)
  • GALZOTE, HERMIE (People’s Champ Movement)
  • GRAFILO, JOCELYN (People’s Champ Movement)
  • JABILLES, DANNY (People’s Champ Movement)
  • PACQUIAO, BONIFACIO (People’s Champ Movement)
  • SADAVAO, TUNGKO (People’s Champ Movement)
  • SALUD, ROY (Independent)
  • VILLAMORA, PAUL (People’s Champ Movement)


For mayor
  • ABDULHALIM, ALANO (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
  • ALZATE, EUGENE (Independent)
  • BALIAO, BUTCH (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • YAP, TATA (People’s Champ Movement)
  • YAP, VIVIEN (Lakas-CMD)
For vice mayor
  • DELEÑA, ATTY. DELEÑA (Independent)
  • RECTO, RONNIE (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
  • YAP, CYRIL (People’s Reform Party)
  • YAP, JAMES (People’s Champ Movement)
  • YAP, YOYONG (Lakas-CMD)
For councilor
  • ALEGADO, KAYRUD (People’s Champ Movement)
  • ALGARME, ROLANDO (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
  • ALICER, JEONARD (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • AVENIDO, MIL (Independent)
  • BARTULABA, VICTOR (Independent)
  • CAÑETE, VITA (Independent)
  • CERNA, LITO (Lakas-CMD)
  • DAGOY, LEANDRO (Independent)
  • DUGADUGA, JULZ (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • ESCOBAR, JONGJON (People’s Champ Movement)
  • ESTRADA, FERNANDO (Independent)
  • GARCIA, GUARDSON (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
  • GASCON, GABBY (Independent)
  • HIZOLER, LYDIA (People’s Champ Movement)
  • HOMO, CARLOS (People’s Champ Movement)
  • HULGUIN, HECTOR (Independent)
  • JABILLES, HENDLE (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
  • LANGILES, JUNAR (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
  • LARA, BONJING (Independent)
  • LOPEZ, PEDRITO SR. (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
  • MAGUAN, ROSENDO (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
  • PACALDO, EDWIN (People’s Champ Movement)
  • PAUNILLAN, JOSEPH (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
  • ROQUE, BOY (People’s Champ Movement)
  • SALIGANAN, MA. THERESA (Partido para sa Demokratikong Reporma)
  • SENTILLAS, DIDAY (People’s Champ Movement)
  • VENTOLERO, JASPER (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • WATA, ZARIUS (People’s Champ Movement)
  • YAP, ROY (People’s Reform Party)


For mayor
  • ARNULFO, FLORES (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
  • FALGUI, GEORGE (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • MARTINEZ, DANNY (People’s Champ Movement)
For mayor
  • ANCHETA, MARIE JESS (People’s Champ Movement)
  • AWAYAN, CANO (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • LIM, ALFONSO (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
For councilor
  • ALECARTE, MADER WENG (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • ARGUILLES, RICARDO (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • BACOMO, ONDO (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • BALLAN, NICK (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • BANGON, PASTOR (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • CABALLERO, REGGIE FOX (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
  • DAGA, BOBONG (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • DALMAN, JOSEPHINE (People’s Champ Movement)
  • FANTONE, JEROME (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • FUSTER, RAFUNCEL (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
  • GAGARIN, VINCENT (People’s Champ Movement)
  • GARAY, DIOSDADO (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
  • GARCIA, EDGARDO SR. (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
  • ILDEFONSO, ALLAN (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • MACALIPAY, ESTELITO LITO (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • MAGADIA, BAI (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • MAGLIN, ALFREDO (People’s Champ Movement)
  • MARTINEZ, CORNELIO JR. (People’s Champ Movement)
  • MOSQUEDA, LITO (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
  • PIMENTEL, JAMES (People’s Champ Movement)
  • SANTILLANA, JERIC (People’s Champ Movement)
  • SEVILLEJA, RUBEN (People’s Champ Movement)
  • TRECERO, AMINA (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
  • UDDA, ABDULRADZEZ (Independent)
  • VALLE, REGINO (Independent)
  • YASAÑA, ANTONIO (People’s Champ Movement)
  • YOUNG, INDAY YOUNG (Independent)


For mayor
  • LAWA, ARTURO (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • MUDI, MARK ACE (Independent)
  • PACQUIAO, ZYREX (People’s Champ Movement)
For vice mayor
  • CUTAN, UTTOH SALEM (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • NAMBATAC, VISITACION (People’s Champ Movement)
  • SINSUAT, MARK (Independent)
For councilor
  • ALBORES, FORTUNATO JR. (People’s Champ Movement)
  • AMBRAD, ALLAN (People’s Champ Movement)
  • APIT, JUVIE (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • BOQUECOSA, RONNIE (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • CARNALNA, EKO (People’s Champ Movement)
  • DELA TORRE, GENOVEVA (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • DIAMALON, JOSELITO (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • GOMEZ, ZENAIDA (Independent)
  • HUNDANI, ISNUR (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • ISLA, RICHARD CHOI (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • LABONGAN, ALDWIN (People’s Champ Movement)
  • LANTICSE, MARGARITO II (People’s Champ Movement)
  • LAWA, JERUM SR. (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • LOPEZ, RAMIR (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • LUCERO, LENY (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • MACABANGON, MARLON (People’s Champ Movement)
  • MACAGCALAT, DANRIB (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • MANGUIGIN, NUR-RADJI (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • PACQUIAO, MARK JOSEPH (People’s Champ Movement)
  • PELIPAS, EMELITA (People’s Champ Movement)
  • TANO, LIEZEL (Independent)


For mayor
  • PERRETT, ELSIE (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • REGANIT, ALEXANDER BRYAN (People’s Champ Movement)
For vice mayor
  • BALAZON, TITO (People’s Champ Movement)
  • RAMOS, LEODIVICO (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
For councilor
  • ABALOS, NATHAN (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • ABLOG, JIM-JIM (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • AMPODIA, PERLITA (People’s Champ Movement)
  • BALAZON, FREDDIE (People’s Champ Movement)
  • DEL ROSARIO, ZUSIMA (People’s Champ Movement)
  • ESTABILLO, SAMSON (Independent)
  • KUSIN, CRISTINE (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • KUSIN, MARY JANE (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • LUNA, MARIEL (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • MASUKAT, CADO (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • MAYLED, REMIGIUS (People’s Champ Movement)
  • PERRETT, GARY LEE (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • REGANIT, JAMES MARK (People’s Champ Movement)
  • ROCAPOR, GILBERT (People’s Champ Movement)
  • SAPAL, THONG (People’s Champ Movement)
  • STRONG, GENARO THOMAS (Independent)
  • TAÑEDO, PERCING (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas)
  • WANAN, FREDIMEN (People’s Champ Movement)


For mayor
  • CAGAPE, DR. CAGAPE (Independent)
  • CANTABACO, BOYANG (Partido Pilipino sa Pagbabago)
  • HARID, TABA (Independent)
  • SUMBO, SALWAY JR. (People’s Champ Movement)
For vice mayor
  • BAGIT, JIMMY (Independent)
  • DELOS SANTOS, JEA (People’s Champ Movement)
  • NAVARETTE, ALEX (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • VALLINAS, SHERRY-LOU (Independent)
For councilor
  • ABDULRADZAK, THO (Independent)
  • AQUINO, CHING (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • BUTIONG, NORBERTO (People’s Champ Movement)
  • CABEROY, NOEL (Independent)
  • CEPE, FERDINAND (Independent)
  • FERMASIS, ARNEL (People’s Champ Movement)
  • HARID, KAP MER (Independent)
  • LADARAN, FABIAN (Independent)
  • LANTINGAN, JAIME (Independent)
  • MAGUAN, MIKE (Independent)
  • OGAN, BOYET (Independent)
  • OPONG, ELVIRA (People’s Champ Movement)
  • PAGALAN, RICKY (Independent)
  • PALALISAN, CLARITO (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • PALARION, BRANDY (People’s Champ Movement)
  • PANDITA, CIPRIANO (Aksyon Demokratiko)
  • SUIB, AL-OMER (People’s Champ Movement)
  • SUIB, NORIE (People’s Champ Movement)
  • SUMBO, JING-JING (Independent)
  • TATAD-SAMBAGA, DIANA JADE (People’s Champ Movement)
  • VICENTE, LENNY (People’s Champ Movement)


For mayor
  • CONSTANTINO, TESSA (People’s Champ Movement)
For vice mayor
  • ESCALADA, ‘JUN’ (People’s Champ Movement)
For councilor
  • ALEGARIO, BING (People’s Champ Movement)
  • ASGAPO, ERWIN (People’s Champ Movement)
  • CONSTANTINO, TOTO (People’s Champ Movement)
  • ESPINOSA, JOEY (People’s Champ Movement)
  • NALLOS, ‘BEBOY’ (People’s Champ Movement)
  • PADERNILLA, VICTOR (People’s Champ Movement)
  • PALEC, ‘DONG-DONG’ (People’s Champ Movement)
  • RETUYA, ROMEL (People’s Champ Movement)
  • TAKYAWAN, RENNY BOY (Independent)
  • YUZON, EDDIE (Independent)

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