Netizens express doubts on Binay, UNA

MANILA, Philippines – Social media users remained skeptical of Vice President Jejomar Binay and his opposition party, the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), which was officially launched on Wednesday, July 1.

In his speech, the Vice President said UNA has 3 pillars for 2016: social and basic services, economic dynamism, and effective and caring governance.

However, Binay did not mention how UNA plans to curb corruption in the Philippines. He is currently facing multiple investigations over the alleged overpriced Makati City infrastructure projects. (READ: Senate report: Binay 'milked' Makati building of P1.38B)

Netizens noticed his silence on the matter.

@rapplerdotcom wala sya sinagot kahit isa. — pancho (@panchomenk) July 1, 2015

@rapplerdotcom he should address the charges against him first — dodi gonzalez (@dodigon) July 1, 2015

@rapplerdotcom He MUST face the Senate first before anything else!!! — Alexandre Loperez (@BxBAngeletti) July 1, 2015


The Vice President also slammed the Aquino administration for its slow and ineffective leadership, citing common criticism on the government’s delayed projects and services. (READ: Binay hits Aquino's 'lazy, teka-teka' government)

This was questioned in social media, however, as Binay held two positions in the Aquino Cabinet for 5 years until he resigned last week.

@PHVote @rapplerdotcom @VPJojoBinay let me remind you, Mr. VP. You are part of the so-called government! U r busy campaigning already... — #LabanPilipinas (@yranne89) July 1, 2015

Bakit ang daming komento ni Binay sa "palpak" nating pamahalaan? Ano bang ginawa ng opisina niya? #PHVote — Mark Andrew Umali (@oohMAU) July 1, 2015


Netizens had similar views on UNA as well, saying that the party should be more specific on how they plan to address the problems during President Benigno Aquino III's term.

@rapplerdotcom #PHVote UNA speeches are just empty pandering to the sentiments of the masses without any concrete programs nor solutions. — Padre Damaso (@akosiDamaso) July 1, 2015

@rapplerdotcom Think it's the (false) hope they promise to the people,they speak their language,they act as if they're one of them. #PHVote — ays espiritu (@AkoSiAys) July 1, 2015


Social media users then identified what kind of public official they want for 2016 by using the hashtag #TheLeaderIWant:

@rapplerdotcom While I think he might be a half-decent leader, he is not the leader the Philippines need. — kc (@czantaaal) July 1, 2015

#TheLeaderIWant He/She should be honest, has an educational background re laws and/or public administration, and a hardworking visionary. — Therese Milanes (@theresemilanes) July 1, 2015

@rapplerdotcom Open-mindedness, being open to improvement, and being able to reach out to minorities. #PHVote #TheLeaderIWant — Kevin Trinidad (@SoLegitKevin) July 1, 2015

@rapplerdotcom #PHVote #TheLeaderIWant is someone who is NOT just honest and clean but competent enough to do real and tangible progress. — Alejandro Ibanez (@iamdonibanez) July 1, 2015


Despite the criticism online, UNA supporters who attended the launch had nothing but praises for the Vice President and the opposition party. –

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Mara Cepeda

Mara Cepeda writes about politics and women’s rights for Rappler. She covers the Senate and the Office of the Vice President. Got tips? Send her an email at or shoot her a tweet @maracepeda.