Rappler's #PHvote 2013

MANILA, Philippines - Rappler brings you #PHvote - your one-stop-site for everything you need to know about your candidates.

We have several ongoing crowdsourcing and engagement projects that could help you get a better grasp of the 2013 polls.

1. Where are pcos and election materials now? Track, verify and share: http://www.rplr.co/pcosdelivery

2. #VoteWatch: monitor the 2 Vs - Violence and Vote buying. http://rappler.com/votewatch

3. #VoteSmart: pledge to vote smart. Click on a name for comprehensive profile pages with interactive timeline, stories, video, sentiment analysis http://rplr.co/votesmartpledge 

4. Vote for your senatorial candidate. Mock poll results here http://rplr.co/mockpoll2013 

5. #RStream: a real time stream of photos and video http://www.rappler.com/rstream

6. Get election updates from Twitter without the clutter! Subscribe to Rappler's #PHvote list. 

7. Share your thoughts on the 2013 midterm elections! Sign up and watch Rappler's Google Hangouts.  

We'll have LIVE coverage on the Miting de Avance at 3:30pm, Friday, May 10, 2013. Newscast at 9pm.

We will be LIVE Sunday 2-5pm and marathon coverage begins Monday, 6am and will continue until Tuesday, 10pm.

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