2022 Philippine Elections

Rappler Talk: Ka Leody de Guzman and his pro-labor agenda

Learn about presidential aspirant Leody de Guzman's stance on key social issues and current events live on Tuesday, October 26, at 10 am

Labor leader Ka Leody de Guzman is running for president to advance his pro-labor and workers agenda. 

On Saturday, October 23, De Guzman and his running mate, economist and retired professor Walden Bello, launched their platform that seeks to pay higher wages, tax billionaires, and put mass murderers behind bars. 

The De Guzman-Bello tandem, backed by the Partido Lakas ng Masa, was only introduced on October 20, after Bello announced that he would run for vice president, substituting for De Guzman’s original running mate, Raquel Castillo.

According to the tandem, they seek “to forward a comprehensive agenda not just for regime change but also systemic change.” 

Rappler’s Jairo Bolledo sits down with De Guzman to discuss the presidential aspirant’s stance on key social issues and other issues. What campaign tactics will he be doing so as not to repeat his loss in the 2019 senatorial polls? Why is he not keen on supporting another opposition candidate, as some camps are asking him to do?

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