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It’s Ria Fariñas vs Sandro Marcos in Ilocos Norte’s 1st district

It’s Ria Fariñas vs Sandro Marcos in Ilocos Norte’s 1st district

REELECTION. Ria Fariñas (center) is joined by her father Rodolfo (rightmost) in filing her certificate of candidacy for representative of Ilocos Norte's 1st district. Also in photo are her brothers Rodolfo Christian (second from left) and Rudys Caesar (second from right). Photo by John Michael Mugas.

(1st UPDATE) In Laoag City, Chevylle Fariñas seeks to retake the mayoral post from incumbent Michael Marcos Keon

LAOAG CITY, Philippines – Incumbent Ilocos Norte 1st district Representative Ria Fariñas filed her candidacy for reelection on Thursday, October 7.

Ria, daughter of former Ilocos Norte governor and ex-congressman Rodolfo Fariñas, is seeking a second term under the ruling party PDP-Laban.

Her rival for the post, 27-year-old Ferdinand Alexander “Sandro” Marcos, also filed his certificate of candidacy under the Nacionalista Party on Thursday along with the Marcos clan. It is Sandro’s first election campaign..

Another Fariñas will also try to make a political comeback in the 2022 elections. Chevylle Fariñas on Thursday filed her certificate of candidacy (COC) for mayor of Laoag City, a post that she held before she was defeated in 2019 by a Marcos relative, Michael Marcos Keon.

Chevylle’s running mate is another Fariñas, Rey Carlos. Her son Mikee, who lost a vice mayoral bid also in 2019, is running for city councilor. Chevylle is the widow of Laoag’s longtime mayor Michael Fariñas, who died in a car crash in 2018.  

On the race in the 1st congressional district, the 37-year-old Ria Fariñas said that she would not back out of the race even though she is faced with the formidable network and resources of the Marcoses.

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Marcoses in Ilocos Norte file candidacies for reelection

Marcoses in Ilocos Norte file candidacies for reelection

The governor, vice governor, Laoag City mayor, and Ilocos Norte 2nd district representative all belong to the Marcos family.

The Fariñas family used to control the province and city hall as well, with Ria’s father having served both as a governor and 1st district representative.

Ria’s brother, Rodolfo Christian, also filed his COC on Thursday for reelection as 1st district board member. – John Michael Mugas/Rappler.com