Duterte, Cayetano platform focuses on crime, economy

MANILA, Philippines – (2nd UPDATE) Rodrigo Duterte and Alan Peter Cayetano first unveiled their platform in Cebu City on Thursday, January 7. 

In Cebu, Cayetano used a Powerpoint presentation to lay out their common platform to media. Duterte, meanwhile, communicated the platform through his speeches in a public assembly and a gathering of Cebu local government officials.

Since then, the two have been adding to their platform through statements made during campaign sorties.

This article is being updated throughout the campaign season to reflect these additions.

What would the Philippines be like if Duterte and Cayetano are elected president and vice president, respectively? Here’s what they said they would do.

Note: Items with an asterisk (*) are plans mentioned only by Cayetano in public statements.

1. On crime, corruption, and drugs 

Campaign promise: Suppress crime, spread of drugs, corruption within 3 to 6 months after election into office.

2. On economic development 

Campaign promise: Spread economic growth throughout the country and decongest Metro Manila.

3. On agriculture and fisheries

4. On OFWs and other workers

Campaign promise: Improve labor conditions for Filipino workers.

5. On Metro Manila transportation

Campaign promise: Improve mobility of people and goods. (READ: Duterte reveals plan to solve Metro Manila transpo woes)

6. On education

7. On health

8. On disasters and climate change

Different communication styles

Asked why they did not present the platform together, Cayetano said it boiled down to a difference in “communication styles.”

“I’ve been in Congress for 15 years, he’s been in the streets of Davao for 30 years, so ask me to do a Duterte sa masa (for the masses), that won’t be me. Ask him to do a Powerpoint in a hall, that won’t be him. So it’s just a role-playing. But 100% of the platform came from him and me,” he told Rappler on Friday, January 8.

In an ambush interview, Duterte said he had adopted Cayetano’s platform but that they each have their priority issues. 

“The other issues of governance are his. As for mine, I am sure he will not want to tinker with law and order, criminality, and drugs because that really gets bloody,” he said in a mix of English and Filipino. – Rappler.com

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Pia Ranada

Pia Ranada covers the Office of the President and Bangsamoro regional issues for Rappler. While helping out with desk duties, she also watches the environment sector and the local government of Quezon City. For tips or story suggestions, you can reach her at pia.ranada@rappler.com.