2022 Philippine Elections

[WATCH] #PHVote: In 2022, overseas Filipinos have the power to choose

Filipinos abroad register to vote in the 2022 Philippine elections in the hopes of seeing change in their homeland

What would you do if your house caught fire while you were away?

Since 2016, when Rodrigo Duterte came to power, Filipinos abroad have watched from afar as their families back home lived in a country marred with job losses, hunger, impunity, and a pandemic situation with a hazy end.

The overseas Filipinos are not helpless, however. Like the countrymen they have left behind, they have a voice in the next elections. Filipinos abroad may have found secure and comfortable lives, but they hold the same dreams for those in their homeland – and they are registering to vote to help make it happen.

More than 1.4 million Filipinos overseas are so far registered to vote in the 2022 Philippine elections. (READ: #PHVote Guides: How to register to vote overseas during a pandemic) – Rappler.com