German shot dead, 2 foreigners wounded in Cebu shooting

CEBU, Philippines (UPDATED) – A German national was shot dead and two other foreigners were wounded inside a fast food joint dawn Friday in Talisay City, Cebu.

Henry Haffner, 31, was with a Filipina partner believed to be on the way to Oslob for a beach outing when at least 3 or 4 suspects started shooting at them inside McDonalds in Talisay City. 

According to Supt. Carmelo Dayun, the shooters did not intend to kill the German. The suspects were after an Indian and a French national who happened to be inside the same establishment in barangay Tabunok at around 4 am.

“The suspects knew that McDonalds had a CCTV and they covered themselves with shirts,” said Dayun in Cebuano during an interview with reporters. “We can’t really identify the suspects though because the video was foggy.”

Frenchman Julian Millard*, along with Indian Cheten Saparaiya, 32, were wounded and were brought to the Chong Hua Hospital. 

 A radio dyRF-AM report said that the two were already in stable condition.

On the other hand, the written police report indicated 16 slugs of 9 mm pistol and five slugs of a 45-caliber pistol were found inside the fast food chain branch. The glass walls of the two-story fast food were broken. The police initially thought there was a exchange of shots when people heard several fired guns.

Dayun said the Indian national was with his Filipina wife and the French national, who is their friend. Witnesses told police that the 3 were seen arguing with a group of males outside the fastfood joint.

The police chief said that the Indian and French also came from a bar before they had a meal inside McDonalds.

The 3 or 4 suspects were seen wearing white shirts while one had an undershirt on. They left the crime scene on board a motorbike.

The police chief confirmed the death of the German national after he was brought to the hospital. The name of the woman partner has not been determined. 

On the other hand, the Indian and his wife lives In Barangay Pooc in Talisay City.

Dayun said they are still in hit pursuit of the suspects. The motives for the shooting are still being investigated.

What was clear however, according to Dayun, was that the German national was only mistaken as a friends of the other foreigners who were being targeted for the shooting. –

 *Editor's Note: In a previous version of this story, the French who was wounded was identified as Julian Haffner. His correct name is Julian Millard.