How to avail of PhilHealth coverage for senior citizens

MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) estimates that there are 8 million senior citizens in the Philippines. 

In 2014, the government enacted Republic Act 10645 that provides universal health insurance for senior citizens since their health is most at risk due to old age. This amended the provision that only indigent seniors are included in the mandatory PhilHealth coverage. 

Those eligible to claim this benefit are: 

Meanwhile, employed senior citizens who have a regular source of income must continue paying their monthly contributions. Premiums of other elderly members will be sourced from the proceeds of Republic Act 10351 or the Sin Tax Law. (READ: FAST FACTS: What benefits are senior citizens entitled to?

Those who are not yet PhilHealth members may register through the Office for the Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) or through PhilHealth Local Health Insurance Office (LHIO) in their cities or municipalities. 

Availing beneficiaries through the OSCA must: 

Those applying through the LHIO should: 

In availing of benefits in PhilHealth-accredited hospitals with a Health Care Institution (HCI) portal, members should present only their MDR, senior citizen ID, or any proof of identity and age. 

If a senior citizen failed to enroll before admission to a hospital without an HCI portal, he/she should fille out a PMRF and present a senior citizen ID or any proof of age to receive the corresponding PhilHealth deductions from his/her bill. – 

Patty Pasion

Patty leads the Rappler+ membership program. She used to be a Rappler multimedia reporter who covered politics, labor, and development issues of vulnerable sectors.