Rappler Talk: Robert Swift on the legal hunt for money Martial Law victims deserve

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MANILA, Philippines – The quest for justice for the victims continue more than 3 decades after Martial Law.

On Friday, July 12, Rappler justice reporter Lian Buan sits down with human rights lawyer Robert Swift to discuss the legal avenues he has taken in seeking reparations for victims of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos' military rule. 

Swift is the lead counsel of victims who were recently awarded $13.75 million by a United States court after 3 decades of work. Since March, his team has been going around the Philippines to distribute checks worth $1,500 (P76,965) each to at least 6,500 victims.

Swift, a renowned human rights lawyer, has worked on the Martial Law class action suit and several other cases involving human rights abuses since the late 1980s.

Are there remaining assets of the Marcoses left to be discovered? What were the challenges faced in seeking compensation for the victims?

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