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Rappler Talk: Why the Left matters in Congress
Rappler Talk: Why the Left matters in Congress
Watch this conversation with Bayan Muna chairperson Neri Colmenares

The Duterte administration has made it clear that they are the enemies.

They have been tagged as terrorists and communist combatants; and subjected to insults by the President, his generals, and their followers.

Despite the attacks, the Makabayan bloc continues to be one of the staunchest administration critics in Congress. They are not the sole entity that represents the Left, but they are the loudest. Fellow lawmakers also listen to them.

They are known to be lawmakers who consistently voice out their opinions on controversial movements at the House, from the death penalty bill, the anti-terror law, and also the ABS-CBN shutdown.

They lose in the votes, but they make sure their dissent is on the record.

Why does this matter?

In this Rappler Talk, congressional reporter Rambo Talabong sits down with Bayan Muna chairman Neri Colmenares, who once represented the group in the House and was part of the Makabayan bloc. –