Rappler Talk: How should the Philippines rise from the pandemic?


On Monday, September 13, House economic affairs panel chair Sharon Garin and House deputy minority leader Stella Quimbo, the ranking economists of the House of Representatives, asked for two things.

Through a resolution, the congresswomen said they wanted the Duterte government to rethink its lockdown strategy.

The lockdown has become cyclic, they said. The government clamps lockdowns, then lifts these when cases go down; only to impose another round of strict quarantines when incidents rise again. Meanwhile, the economy falters.

Second, they urged Congress to play a bigger role in planning for the country's economic recovery.

What went wrong with the Duterte government's lockdown strategy, and how should the Philippine economy recover from the pandemic without imperiling the lives of Filipinos?

Rappler's congressional reporter, Rambo Talabong, sits down with Garin, who represents the AAMBIS-OWA party list at the House.

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