First coronavirus case reported in Kawit, Cavite

MANILA, Philippines – The first case of coronavirus has been reported in Kawit, Cavite, Mayor Angelo G. Aguinaldo said on Facebook in a post on Thursday, April 9.

According to Aguinaldo, the case is a 59-year-old male from Barangay Toclong. He was a security guard for a Makati condominium who went to Makati Medical Center (MMC) to be checked after exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. 

Aguinaldo said that, according to the patient's documents, the patient was given the swab test in MMC to determine if he had COVID-19, but filled out a Release from Responsibility or Home Against Medical Advice (HAMA) form, leaving the hospital against doctor's advice. 

The patient went home on April 5 and went to Kalayaan Hospital in Kawit by April 6 to have a check-up. He went back to the doctors on April 7, where the head doctor found out about his status and sent him to to Calungsod Hospital to be admitted

How he got home

Aguinaldo explained how the patient got to Barangay Toclong: An ambulance from the barangay took him home against protocol.

According to Aguinaldo, "Isang barangay kagawad ng Brgy. Toclong ang di umano’y nagpasundo sa nasabing pasyente mula sa Makati pauwi sa ating bayan. Sinasabing ipinaalam umano ito sa kanilang kapitan ngunit, hindi sila pinayagan dahil nga labag ito sa protocol. Ngunit ipinilit talaga ang pagsundo at pag-uwi sa pasyente dito sa Kawit. At gamit pa mismo ang ambulansya ng barangay, ay naiuwi nga ang nasabing security guard sa Kawit. Ang sitwasyong ito ay hindi ipinaalam ng Kapitan sa ating tanggapan."

(A member of Barangay Toclong had the patient picked up from Makati so he could go home. It was reported the barangay captain requested permission for the pickup, but he was not allowed due to it being against protocol. The pick-up and return of the patient was forced. To return the patient to Kawit, they used the ambulance of the barangay. The barangay captain did not advise anyone of this.)

Aguinaldo condemned the actions of the barangay captain, saying it was not only against protocol and done without transparency, but also done irresponsibly.

He added, "Kasalukuyang pina-iimbestigahan po natin ang kasong ito. At pagkatapos ng lock down, MANANAGOT ANG MGA DAPAT MANAGOT."  (There is now an investigation into this case. After the lockdown, those responsible will be held accountable.)

The patient is currently in Calungsod hospital and his whole family will be quarantined, while the barangay officials will be quarantined as well. Barangay Toclong is under lockdown at present.

As of Friday, April 10, the country reported 4,195 coronavirus cases, with 221 deaths and 140 recoveries.