Labella assures Cebuanos city library will resume 24-hour services

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Newly-elected Mayor Edgardo Labella gave assurances the 24-hour services of the Cebu City Public Library (CCPL) – an initiative of his predecessor Tomas Osmeña – will resume soon. 

“We will continue with the 24/7. We will continue anything that would be beneficial to the people,” Labella said in a press conference on Sunday, June 30. (READ: Labella vows to solve flooding, waste disposal, traffic in Cebu City)

The CCPL had posted on its Facebook page that, due to manpower shortage, it would temporarily operate from 8 am to 12 am starting last Saturday, June 29. 

Labella said he would send a memorandum to CCPL and deploy personnel who would man the library nonstop.

“If there is any program that proves beneficial to the people of the City of Cebu, by all means, let us continue. Let’s stop politicking. Let’s stop partisan posturing,” Labella said.

The foreign language classes conducted in the public library – another initiative during Osmeña's term – would also continue during his term, the new mayor said.

Osmeña ordered the 24-hour services of the library on March 9, 2018, in response to the suggestion of a student. (READ: Thanks to netizen’s request, Cebu City library will be open 24/7)

Students, workers, and topnotchers in bar and board examinations from Cebu had since credited the library for providing them resources and a safe place to study.

Netizens pledge services

While Labella insists he would not allow political differences get in the way of implementing programs and services, netizens commenting on CCPL’s Facebook post believe otherwise.

Aljun Matis said: “What if they will let former workers to continue working? Philippines wouldn’t prosper because of the changes in administration and its effects on public services.”

Al Ponce said: “This is the result of politics. Not a pro-Tomas Osmeña nor pro-Mike Rama because I’m not from Cebu. I’m only here for work. It seems like what the previous administration has started, they (new administration) will stop its continuity. They are not concerned [with] the people. It’s clear that they do this for personal gain not public service.”

Other netizens asked if CCPL would need volunteers or if the library would hire them.