Lim permitted Torre de Manila, Erap says

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATED) Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada, said he did not issue construction permits for DM Consuji Inc’s (DMCI) Torre de Manila along Taft Avenue, Manila.

Estrada accused ex-Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim of lying about the DMCI issue and said that it was Lim who signed the permits for the 46-story condominium.

During a press conference today, Estrada even showed documents with Lim’s signatures on the building and zoning permits for the high-rise building.

Matanda na, sinungaling pa,” Estrada said. (He’s old and he’s still a liar)

This is in reaction to an earlier radio interview at DZMM where Lim accused Estrada of extorting money from DMCI for building permits.

Lim even dared Estrada and his camp to undergo a polygraph test to know the truth in his alleged extortion claims.

Last Tuesday, the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) stopping DMCI Home’s construction of the “photobomber” that mars the Rizal monument’s view.

“We have no choice but to follow the Supreme Court,” Estrada said. 

But in January 2014, Manila's zoning board decided to grant DMCI an exemption despite its violation of the city's zoning laws. This decision was made after Lim's term in office, under the leadership of Joseph Estrada.

DMCI Homes shared the same stand and stopped construction work on its Torre de Manila project, leaving at least 2,000 of their workers jobless. The construction compnay is also looking at all legal options to lift the TRO so they can resume construction as soon as possible. –