Manila concerns soon a tweet away

MANILA, Philippines – Worried about the traffic in the Philippine capital? Wondering if classes are suspended during a typhoon? The city government of Manila will answer your questions via social media.

The Manila city government will soon launch official Facebook and Twitter accounts dedicated to "complaints/concerns...[to] inform you of traffic updates and official announcements from City Hall," according to a post on Manila vice mayor Isko Moreno's Facebook page.

The new city administration, headed by President-turned-Mayor Joseph "Erap" Estrada and third-term Vice Mayor Moreno, is one of the few remaining cities in the Metro without official accounts on social media.

Those accounts come in handy during storms. when class suspensions and traffic situations are a concern to residents of Metro Manila residents and neighboring provinces.

Currently, updates from Manila city hall are broadcast to social media through the personal accounts of Estrada and Moreno.

Moreno's Facebook post didn't mention any more details about the city government's foray into social media, but he did assure netizens that they "try our best to act on your concerns" relayed to them online. 

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