Manila bans roadside laundry, 'visual clutter' in new ordinance


MANILA, Philippines – Manila has banned clotheslines outside windows, roadside laundry, and other forms of "visual clutter" that would hinder the city government’s bid for a "clean and orderly" national capital.

The City Council presided by Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna enacted Ordinance No. 8572 or the Tapat Ko-Linis Ko Ordinance on September 2018. 

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno approved and signed the ordinance on October 18, and a copy was released to the media nearly a week later.

The ordinance  requires all residential and commercial establishments in Manila to keep their immediate surroundings and frontage neat and orderly.

To accomplish this, the ordinance lists the following as prohibited acts:

The ordinance also prohibits the following outside one's property line: construction of pens or cages of animals; keeping animals on a leash; 
construction of house or business extension, including installation of roofs and canopies, awnings, and the like; and the installation of permanent fences and gates.

 Violators face the following penalties:

The penalty of imprisonment does not apply to offenses related to hanging and washing clothes.

Under the ordinance, roads, streets, avenues, alleys, sidewalks, bridges, parks, and other public areas can be used for a public purpose, for a definite period, but subject to a special permit from city hall.

The implementing rules and regulations will be crafted by a technical working group 30 days upon approval of the ordinance.

Read the full ordinance here: