WATCH: Martial Law victim recalls act of kindness during detention

MANILA, Philippines – Known as "Ka Amanda" in the underground movement, Cristina Pargas-Bawagan was arrested on May 27, 1981, while she was organizing people in Nueva Ecija. The military found subversive documents when they raided the home where she was staying.

Like her sister, former Human Rights Chairperson Etta Rosales, Tina was also tortured and sexually molested during interrogation. When the military found out that her father was a late Navy officer, the torture stopped but she remained behind bars. 

While detained, an officer took care of her. She continued to be friends with the officer up to now. Through that experience, Bawagan learned that "in times of war, in times of strife, you can be kind." 

She now teaches social science at the Philippine Science High School. As an educator, Bawagan urges teachers of all fields and in all areas to teach students about the effects of Martial Law. –