The story of Mary Jane Veloso, in her own words

MANILA, Philippines – Below is a narrative by Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso, shared by her parents with Rappler.

Veloso is a Filipino formerly working as a domestic worker, set to be executed in Indonesia by firing squad over drug smuggling charges. (READ: PH files 'stronger' 2nd appeal for Mary Jane Veloso)

A mother of two, Veloso is a high school drop-out. 

She insists she was framed and duped into unknowingly acting as a drug mule. (WATCH: The fate of Mary Jane Veloso)

She narrates – the best she knows how – how this happened.

Veloso narrates her story and we are publishing her unedited account.

– Graphic illustrations by Nico Villarete, with a report from Buena Bernal/