NCR local governments: How much they spend to be online

MANILA, Philippines – In the age of the Internet, when offering online services is considered a badge of distinction among offices, how much do cities and municipalities spend to stay connected?

Based on reports of the Commission on Audit (COA), Makati city government incurred P10.96 million in Internet bills in 2013 – the highest among local government units (LGUs) in the National Capital Region. 

The amount translates to an average of P1,308.68 for each of the city’s 8,372 elected officials; regular, casual, contractual employees; and consultants. It was a 62% increase from the P6.76 million incurred by the city government in 2012.

The second highest Internet expense among Metro Manila’s 16 cities and one municipality in 2013 was incurred by Quezon City government at P10.06 million. 

This means an average of P710 for each of the 14,161 officials and employees of the city, and an increase of 24% from its P8.1-million bill in 2012.

Manila had the 3rd highest Internet expense in 2013 at P3.71 million, up from P2.16 million the year before that. This translates to an average of P278 for each of the 13,330 officials and personnel of the city government

The following is the complete list of NCR local governments and their Internet expenses, arranged from highest to lowest.