Nabcor execs, ‘NGOs’ told to refund P1.45B

MANILA, Philippines – The Commission on Audit (COA) is asking officials of a government corporation and the dubious non-governmental organizations (NGOs) it accredited to return to government billions in lawmakers’ pork barrel that had been misused over 5 years.

The National Agri-Business Corporation (Nabcor), which is attached to the agriculture department, ignored COA recommendations and notices of disallowances, and failed to justify its choice of NGOs to which it released around P1.45 billion from 2007 to 2011.

The latest COA report, released on September 25, confirmed Rappler reports, where Nabcor’s dealings with questionable NGOs involving lawmakers’ Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) shows most clearly how the pork barrel scam works.

Another COA special report, covering only 2007-2009, identified Nabcor as the government corporation to have released the most amount of misused pork barrel during President Arroyo’s time.

Its former president Alan Javellana testified before the Senate on September 5 that his agency funded NGOs without vetting them. The justice department has since included him among 38 charged with plunder or malversation before the Ombudsman in relation to the PDAF scam.

According to COA’s latest report, 19 of its recommendations to avoid further misuse of the pork barrel were “not implemented” by Nabcor. This prompted the state auditing agency to order officials or the GOCC and the subject NGOs to return to government all questioned fund releases.

Covered by the initial Notices of Disallowance are P470.32 million worth of transactions. Another P866.94 million is still undergoing evaluation.

“The Audit Team has already suspended the PDAF transactions. However, (Nabcor) management was not able to comply with the requirements stated in the notices of suspensions; thus, the transactions would be disallowed in audit,” COA said.

Nabcor received the following amounts of PDAF: 

The government corporation was not able to explain why it released funds to NGOs that were:

COA found that in livelihood projects funded by PDAF coursed through Nabcor, there was no public bidding in the purchase of supplies and equipment, and supposed farmer beneficiaries denied receiving livelihood kits.

The NGOs that got funds from Nabcor had incomplete details of transactions on purchase orders. They did not submit supporting papers, like delivery receipts, inspection and acceptance reports ,and acknowledgment reports signed by beneficiaries.

The NGOs that got funds from Nabcor over the years were:



2009 and 2010


COA said the NGOs and their officers are no longer located in the addresses given in documents provided by Nabcor. –