NPC employees rally behind Liboro amid bullying complaint

MANILA, Philippines – The National Privacy Commission Employees Association (NPCEA) rallied behind NPC chief Raymund Liboro, after an employee accused him of irregularities and bullying.

NPCEA said the complaint filed against Liboro before the Civil Service Commission (CSC) "does not convey the sentiments of majority of employees currently working" at the agency.

"NPCEA wishes to reiterate that the complaint filed by a disgruntled employee is not representative of the views, thoughts, and opinions of the majority of the [NPC]," the group said in a statement "on behalf of the member employees."

"Further, it would be much appreciated that if any other articles affecting NPC employees should be published that the sentiments of actual NPC employees be consulted first before making any sweeping statements," it added.

NPCEA told Rappler that its members "take pride" in their achievements under Liboro's management.

"Just as in other government offices, the goal of NPC employees at the end of the day is to simply get their jobs done, as best as they can, in pursuit of public interest," the group said.

An anonymous complainant had accused LIboro of alleged procurement irregularities and bullying to some employees,  the third complaint filed against him since 2017.

According to the complaint, Liboro's frequent travels and bullying reportedly led to the resignation and reassignment of employees and affected the performance of the commission in solving privacy cases.

NPC insiders told Rappler that the NPCEA meeting was only announced on Tuesday morning, October 8, without the agenda indicated. The meeting happened at 4 pm that day. 

Reaching quorum, 35 employees voted in favor of the statement, while 15 voted no, and one abstained. The NPC has 122 employees.

"This is an employees association whose top, so-called leadership, has been absent for the past 3 years…So now, a minority hijack a meeting when most are out and the first significant action they take is to protect the management?" an insider said, in response to the voting results.

The NPCEA is the employees association of the privacy commission, which has yet to be registered  and accredited at the CSC. This means that the NPCEA has no bargaining power with the NPC management, pending accreditation. –

Aika Rey

Aika Rey covers the Philippine Senate for Rappler. Before writing about politicians, she covered budget, labor, and transportation issues.