NTC website hacked


MANILA, Philippines – "Anonymous Philippines" hackers struck again amid tension over unsettled issues in Sabah and calls for policy changes in state universities.

On Saturday, March 16, they, along with "PrivateX" defaced the web site of the National Telecommunications Commission, posting an open letter that held President Benigno Aquino III accountable for his promise to lead the country down the straight path.

"Greetings, President Aquino! You told us the Filipino peoples are your 'Boss' and you will bring us on the right way, but what happened now?" they asked.

The hackers also took a swipe on the government over a host of issues: lack of education, lack of opportunity, lack of cyber security, and failure to stop corruption.

"And now you are on the side of Malaysian government, many people knew that Sabah is part of the Philippines," the hackers said, suggesting that the government failed to resolve the standoff in the disputed territory.

The hackers also said, "We're not encouraging the PH gov to declare a war on Malaysia but Philippines must defend its sovereignty. Invading our territory by foreign country is unacceptable...It seems you are a Pro-Malaysian."

They likewise warned about the need for security in cyberspace. "PH must be aware on National Security also in CyberSpace because in the past few years no security was done in many gov.ph sites." - Rappler.com