Only 47 COVID-19 beds available in Bacolod

Only 47 beds for coronavirus patients are available in this city, a data from the public information office showed.

The 7 hospitals in the city have a total of 201 functional COVID-19 beds with 154 admitted patients and 589 committed healthcare workers, the data further showed.

City Administrator Em Ang, also the executive director of the Emergency Operations Center, said the 82% capacity use rate was high, considering the more than 100 cases every day.

She said there were still other COVID-19 beds available in the city, but due to a shortage of hospital manpower, these could not be utilized.

The city government and the Department of Health have helped these hospitals by augmenting additional nurses.

She added that if there were additional manpower, more COVID-19 beds would be functional.

Ang said that another immediate concern right now was the shortage of emergency rooms in hospitals, adding that there were even waitlists.

Right now, ambulances would not pick up emergency case patients if there were no confirmed slots in the hospitals, she said. If there were no reservations, ambulances would have to wait until there were available rooms, Ang added.

She said that 7 of the city’s ambulances were dedicated to COVID-19 cases.

Meanwhile, the 32-bed isolation facility in Barangay Alijis, that would be turned over to the city by end of September, would also boost the healthcare facility of the locality, Ang said.

She said part of the facility would be used as a midway referral center for emergency cases, with doctors and medical equipment. She added this was to augment the shortage of emergency rooms in the hospitals.

As of September 22, the city has 539 available beds in its quarantine facilities in schools, which has a capacity of 928. At present it has 389 patients.

Bacolod has 3,419 COVID-19 cases, 2,333 recoveries, and 61 deaths as of September 23. –