PCSO: 'Peryahan ng Bayan' not authorized to use our logo

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) said it would file criminal charges against Globaltech Mobile Online Corporation for making it appear that the Peryahan ng Bayan operation was sanctioned by PCSO.

Alexander Balutan, PCSO general manager, said Globaltech was misleading the public because it was not authorized to use the government agency's logo and name in Peryahan ng Bayan outlets.

Balutan said the PCSO has received reports that the outlets of Peryahan ng Bayan still continue to operate with the name and logo of PCSO.

Balutan said PCSO terminated in March 2016 the deed of authority (DOA) granted to Globaltech Mobile Online to operate Peryahan. 

“Using the PCSO logo to look legitimate in the eyes of the betting public is illegal. Globaltech has no right to use the PCSO logo as PNB is no longer authorized by the agency,” Balutan said in a statement. 

Balutan also said legitimate STL operators were complaining about the Peryahan operations.

“What Globaltech is doing is a big insult to the agency’s name as PNB is operating illegally, competing unfairly with the only authorized and legal numbers game of PCSO, which is the Small Town Lottery (STL)," he added.

PCSO has authorized a total of 82 companies to operate STLs. Balutan said all these companies have complied with PCSO requirements.

But they are now suffering losses in revenue because of the continued operation of the PNB in different parts of the country, Balutan added.

“We have to protect the STL operations as this bring a huge impact in the revenues of PCSO,” Balutan said. – Rappler.com