Bulusan Volcano

Phivolcs downgrades Bulusan Volcano to Alert Level 0

Acor Arceo
Phivolcs downgrades Bulusan Volcano to Alert Level 0

BULUSAN VOLCANO. The volcano in the province of Sorsogon.


People are still advised not to enter the 4-kilometer permanent danger zone surrounding Bulusan Volcano

Bulusan Volcano was downgraded back to Alert Level 0 on Wednesday, August 18, more than three months since Alert Level 1 was raised last May 11.

Alert Level 0 means the volcano in Sorsogon has returned to a normal state, coming from low-level unrest.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said on Wednesday that there has been “a general decline in monitoring parameters.”

These parameters include:

  • Volcanic earthquakes: Two to three weak earthquakes were recorded per day between July 1 and August 17, for a total of only 109. “This indicates that rock fracturing within the volcanic system associated with shallow hydrothermal activity has diminished.”
  • Ground deformation: This has been “driven by tectonic processes rather than pressurization from subsurface magma.”
  • Gas emission: Sulfur dioxide emission has stayed “below detection levels” since May 6, while “ambient carbon dioxide concentrations in most monitored springs have weakened” since April.
  • Surface activity: Emission of steam plumes has been very weak to weak.

While Phivolcs said “no magmatic eruption is foreseen in the immediate future,” Alert Level 1 could be raised again for Bulusan Volcano if any of the parameters increase.

Phivolcs also reminded the public not to enter the 4-kilometer permanent danger zone surrounding Bulusan Volcano.

There could be rockfalls, avalanches, and steam-driven or phreatic eruptions “which may occur without warning.”

“Furthermore, people living in valleys and active river channels are cautioned to remain vigilant against sediment-laden streamflows and floods in the event of prolonged and heavy rainfall,” added Phivolcs. – Rappler.com

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