IN PHOTOS: Mendiola turns red for Duterte's revolutionary government

MANILA, Philippines – Mendiola turned red on Bonifacio Day, November 30, as demonstrators surrounded the iconic peace arch to "demand" President Rodrigo Duterte to declare a revolutionary government to address the country's ills.

The President's supporters started arriving as early as 9 am for a program that would begin at 4 pm yet. They said they were part of a pro-Duterte coalition called Network Revolution. They came mostly clad in uniform red shirts, carrying professionally-designed tarpaulins and banners, and supplied with food by vans bearing "Duterte's Kitchen" logos.

In their waiting time, they practiced their chants, but a midday downpour forced them to take cover and halt their warm-up. When the sky cleared, they continued calling for the revocation of the 1987 Constitution. In their rally proper later, they "granted" Duterte sole powers to write new Constitution.

By police estimates, the crowd stood at 1,000 at around 9:30 am, and peaked at 5,000 by around 6 pm. (READ: Can Duterte declare a revolutionary gov't? Here's what you need to know)

Here are photos from the rally, taken by Angie de Silva for Rappler:

Rambo Talabong

Rambo Talabong covers security, crime, and the city of Manila for Rappler. He was chosen as a Jaime V. Ongpin Fellow in 2019 for his reporting on President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs.