LOOK: PMA prepares for safe arrival of incoming cadets amid pandemic

The incoming plebes who will comprise the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class of 2024 will soon have their “beast barracks” at the Fort del Pilar.

The 350 incoming cadets were culled from the 1,629 examinees who passed the PMA Entrance Examination (PMAEE) conducted last August 25, 2019, in 41 testing centers nationwide.

ORIENTATION. The cadets are briefed at their designated Unified Command. Photo courtesy of TF 'Pagsundo'/WESCOM/ NOLCOM

Photos courtesy of TF Pagsundo/ WESCOM/ NOLCOM

These 350 plebes then underwent thorough physical exams and deliberation by the PMA Cadet Procurement Board to make it to Baguio.

Unlike in the past, these incoming cadets will still be subjected to the national government's COVID-19 guidelines before they head to Fort del Pilar.

SOCIAL DISTANCING. Members of the incoming PMA Class 2024 observe social distancing. Photo courtesy of TF 'Pagsundo'/WESCOM/ NOLCOM

Photo courtesy of TF 'Pagsundo/ WESCOM/ NOLCOM

They still went through the Department of Health protocol like the conduct of the  real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)  testing.

After having been informed by the Office of the Cadet Admission, the incoming cadets of PMA Class 2024 were directed to report to the Unified Command headquarters nearest their respective residences on May 31 and observe the required number of days for quarantine.

“Incoming cadets who will test negative for the coronavirus reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) swabbing will be cleared for travel, while those who will test positive will remain under quarantine and other related protocols inside camps,” the PMA said.

Medical clearance will be needed before an incoming cadet can be finally accepted to the academy.

“Upon completion of mandatory quarantine, all medically-cleared incoming cadets will proceed to Fort del Pilar, Baguio City for the traditional reception rites. Upon arrival, the Class 2024 will be segregated from the rest of the members of the Cadet Corps of the AFP while undergoing training,” it added.

The PMA recently held its graduation exercises for the PMA Masidlawin Class of 2020 inside the fort without outside guests and relatives.

“All measures based on established COVID-19 prevention protocols and scientific studies will be continuously observed in all training and education aspects to ensure the safety and health of all cadets and the entire PMA community,” the PMA said.

NEW BATCH. Some of the incoming cadets of PMA Class 2024. Photo courtesy of TF 'Pagsundo'/WESCOM/ NOLCOM

Photos courtesy of TF 'Pagsundo'/ WESCOM/ NOLCOM