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Eleazar wants Manila cops probed over alleged extortion of curfew violators

Jairo Bolledo

ALLEGED ROBBERY-EXTORTION. File photo of Philippine National Police officials.


The Philippine National Police says six Manila Police District cops allegedly extorted money from two curfew violators apprehended on October 14

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Police General Guillermo Eleazar on Monday, October 18, ordered a probe against six Manila Police District (MPD) cops who allegedly extorted money from curfew violators.

“[Police General] Eleazar said that he had already directed the Internal Affairs Service to conduct an investigation [into] the incident in preparation for the administrative charges that would be filed against them,” the PNP said in a Monday statement. 

The PNP also said that the cops face criminal complaints filed by the MPD. The accused police personnel will also face administrative complaints, according to the national police.

“The Manila Police District is already investigating the incident. The accused cops were disarmed and slapped with criminal charges for robbery-extortion,” the PNP added.

Based on the PNP’s report, six police personnel from the MPD allegedly extorted money from two curfew violators apprehended by the police on October 14. According to the PNP, the cops have ranks of patrolman, police staff sergeant, and police corporal. 

When the police caught the violators, the cops seized a tube pipe, an alleged drug paraphernalia. However, according to the PNP, no illegal drugs were confiscated from the violators. 

Shortly, the violators were brought to the Padre Algue Police Community Precinct in Tondo, Manila, where the cops allegedly asked money from them in exchange for releasing them. The violators paid the cops a total of P47,000 by pawning their motorcycle and a gold necklace. 

The alleged extortion of the MPD cops is the most recent controversy involving police personnel during the pandemic. In more than a year of community quarantine, some cops have been accused of different crimes, including sexual abuses and even killings.

On October 12, Eleazar ordered a full-blown probe into the case of a cop accused of raping a female motorcycle rider at a checkpoint in Pampanga.

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