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Ambushed mayor leads one of biggest pol dynasties in Lanao

Reynaldo Santos Jr
Posted on 04/26/2013 1:12 PM  | Updated 04/26/2013 2:34 PM

AMBUSH. Mayor Abdulmalik Manamparan of Nunungan town recuperates at a hospital in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte province. Photo by Richele Umel/AFPAMBUSH. Mayor Abdulmalik Manamparan of Nunungan town recuperates at a hospital in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte province. Photo by Richele Umel/AFP

MANILA, Philippines - Mayor Abdulmalik Manamparan, the mayor of Nunungan town in Lanao del Norte who survived an ambush on Thursday night, April 25, leads one of the biggest political dynasties in this year's elections in the province.

Rappler's database shows that there are at least 13 members of the Manamparan clan running for the posts of mayor, vice mayor, and councilor in Nunungan -- against each other -- on May 13.

Gunmen ambushed the convoy of Manamparan, killing at least 12 -- including the mayor's granddaughter -- and wounding 7 others, police and military officials said. Manamparan said the attack was due to "family feud."

In the 2013 elections, there are 16 dynasties running in Lanao del Norte. Of these, 4 are considered big political dynasties because there are more than 5 members seeking elective posts. The Manamparan clan is one of them.

Members of the Manamparan clan who are running in Nunungan are:

For mayor (out of 4 candidates)

  • Dondon Manamparan
  • Noronzaman Manamparam
  • Pangsayan Manamparam

For vice mayor (out of 5 candidates)

  • Abdul Manamparan

For councilor (out of 33 candidates)

  • Ali Manamparan
  • Amerah Manamparan
  • Atoy Manamparan
  • Elias Manamparan-Dima
  • Lao Manamparan
  • Naim Manamparan
  • Navil Manamparam-Casim
  • Saidala Manamparam
  • Samad Manamparan-Dimasangcay

The incumbent mayor is standing for the lower post of vice mayor, while his son and namesake is seeking to replace him in the mayoral post. Both are running under the National People's Coalition (NPC). Two other candidates from the Manamparan clan are in the same party.

Five other Manamparans are running under the Liberal Party, while 4 are running as independent candidates.

In the 2010 elections, 9 members of the Manamparan clan ran in the province. They were either running under Lakas-Kampi, or were independent candidates. Only 3 (1 mayor and 2 councilors) won, however.

It is the Ali and Tawantawan families that dominates this year's local elections in Lanao del Norte, with 16 Tawantawans and 15 Alis running. The Tawantawans are concentrated in Salvador town, while the Alis are running in the towns of Baloi and Tagoloan

The ruling Dimaporo clan of Lanao del Norte, on the other clan, has fielded 11 candidates in this year's elections. - with research from Michael Bueza,

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