PNP general: My dismissal linked to 2016 polls

Avisado said it was Purisima who had ordered that Werfast delivery be made compulsory, through a memorandum issued by retired Director Gil Meneses, then chief of the Civil Security Group (CSG) which oversees the FEO.

Mounting complaints from gun owners – over delayed and even non-existent deliveries – pushed Petrasanta to eventually cancel the deal with Werfast. But this never happened, Avisado said, because Petrasanta was “unceremoniously relieved” from his position by Purisima.

He also questioned the Ombudsman’s findings that it was Petrasanta, as TWG head, who had recommended that Werfast be given the sole responsibility for the courier services. Avisado pointed out that the memorandum issued by Petrasanta, in fact, explicitly stated that the use of Werfast’s services be made optional.

“He tried to put everything in order, in accordance [with what is legal] pero binabraso sila sa baba [he was being coerced],” said Avisado.

Meneses and Purisima should be the ones held accountable for the deal because it was under “strict orders… from the chief PNP” that the use of Werfast be made mandatory, the lawyer added.

Avisado also questioned why the Ombudsman made public their decision to dismiss Petrasanta and other officials, pointing out that these orders are usually kept confidential. –