Remote enrollment in basic education will be implemented during pandemic

As a preparation for school opening on August 24, the Department of Education (DepEd) on Thursday, May 28, said that enrollment for basic education will be done remotely during the coronavirus pandemic.  

The DepEd said that “physical enrollment in schools or other similar activity shall be highly discouraged, even in low risk areas.”

Enrollment for grades 1 to 12 will start on Monday, June 1, and last until June 30. 

According to the DepEd order 008-2020, parents of incoming grade 1 to 12 students will be contacted by their previous teachers for remote enrollment. The DepEd also added that parents may also communicate with the students' teachers for enrollment through the contact numbers published by the school. 

Meanwhile, students who are transferring to other schools shall contact the receiving school directly.

For incoming kindergarten students, parents shall communicate their intent to enroll their children through enrollment platforms prepared by the school.

The DepEd also said that the deadline for the submission of enrollment requirements will be deferred to December 2020. This applies to both public and private schools. 

"Only schools and their personnel shall coordinate the transmission of learners’ records, whether internally or externally. As such, schools shall not compel learners and their parents to take responsibility for transmission of school records," the DepEd said.  

Below are the general guidelines for remote enrollment for school year 2020-2021:

  • For Grades 1-12 learners

Parents of incoming Grades 1-12 learners will be contacted by the previous advisers for remote enrollment. However, parents or guardians may also reach out to their student's teachers for enrollment through the contact numbers published by the school.

Making physical appearance in school for enrollment purposes shall be the last option for parents or guardians or learners. Such appearances shall be guided by the minimum health and safety protocols in the locality, and properly coordinated as to date and time, and with LGU officials up to the barangay level.

  • For incoming kindergarten enrollees

Parents of incoming kindergarten learners shall communicate their intent to enroll their children via digital and/or physical enrollment platforms established by schools.

  • For transferees

Learners planning to transfer from one school (“the originating school”) to another (“the receiving school”) shall directly contact the receiving schools through published enrollment contact details.

  • For Balik-Aral enrollees

All Balik-Aral enrollees shall directly contact preferred schools. Receiving schools shall register the enrollment and survey data.

  • For ALS enrollees

ALS enrollees may communicate their intent to enroll via digital and/or physical enrollment platforms established by schools and barangays with community learning centers. The form for ALS enrollment will be made available in digital and physical format.

The full DepEd order can be accessed below:

The DepEd also said that parents don’t need to buy gadgets for their children in the conduct of classes this year because schools will be providing printed module materials for them.

Distance learning is a major component of learning delivery for the incoming school year. Distance learning means lessons will be delivered outside the traditional face-to-face setup. –

Bonz Magsambol

Bonz Magsambol is a multimedia reporter for Rappler, covering health, education, and social welfare. He first joined Rappler as a social media producer in 2016.