Rescuer dies in Ifugao landslide

BAGUIO, Philippines – In a downhearted repeat from September, a backhoe operator trying to clear the road died after a sudden landslide pushed his backhoe down the ravine in Ifugao. 

At about 8:30 am on Wednesday, October 31, 25-year-old Eugene Gallangi Nahhog was driving a backhoe clearing the road along Sitio Hiwang in Gohang, Banaue town, which was buried by a landslide. Another landslide occurred, however, and pushed the backhoe into the ravine.

Police and other volunteers were able to retrieve Nahhog’s body 3 hours later.  

On September 29, this time in Eheb, Tinoc, Ifugao, Jeffrey Calhi Bayawa was operating a payloader that was scooping out debris from the road. The road shoulder gave way and the payloader fell into a 30-meter-deep ravine. It also took rescuers 3 hours to retrieve Bayawa’s body. 

Despite the mishap in Gohang, police and other volunteers were able to clear the Mt Polis section along the Bontoc-Banaue Road, as well as in Bolog, Kiangan, Namulditan, and Hingyon. –