Second US sub to arrive in Subic

MANILA, Philippines - An attack submarine from the United States will make a routine port call at Subic Bay, Zambales, the US Embassy in Manila said on Thursday, September 6.

The USS Hawaii, a Virginia-class attack submarine, will arrive on Friday and join the USS Frank Cable, an L.Y. Spear-class submarine tender that arrived in the former American naval station on September 3.

According to the US Pacific Fleet Submarine Force website, the USS Hawaii has a crew of 132 and capacity for launching Tomahawk land-attack missiles and torpedoes.

The submarine can "attack targets ashore with highly accurate Tomahawk cruise missiles and conduct covert long-term surveillance of land areas, littoral waters or other sea forces."

It is also designed for "anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare, special forces delivery and support, and mine delivery and minefield mapping."

"With enhanced communications connectivity, [the USS] Hawaii also will provide important battle group and joint task force support, with full integration into carrier battle group operations," added the website.

The US Embassy noted that the visit of the submarine "highlights the strong historic, community, and military connections between the United States and the Republic of the Philippines." -