'Nothing is impossible': Senators congratulate colleague Pacquiao

MANILA, Philippines – Senators were all praises for their colleague Manny Pacquiao, after the boxing legend-turned-senator defeated Argentine fighter Lucas Matthysse via technical knockout on Sunday, July 15.

With the win, Pacquiao secured the World Boxing Association (WBA) regular welterweight title, and looks set for even more fights ahead. (READ: Pacquiao vows to keep fighting: 'Do I look 39?')

President Rodrigo Duterte, who watched the fight in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has congratulated Pacquiao, saying he has "proven time and again" that he is "not just a public servant, but one of the greatest boxers of all time."

Below are the full statements of Pacquiao's fellow senators on his victory.

Senate President Vicente Sotto III

I thought I was watching Manny 10 years ago. Your fight unites all Filipinos around the world and your victory brings pride to us all. Mabuhay ka (Long live) senator and champion Manny Pacquiao!

Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri

The fighter of the century. Collecting belts and leaping across weight divisions, Pacman is in a class up there with the greatest of boxers. He punches hard. He plays fair. Bold Filipino blood runs in his veins. We are all proud of him.

He fights in another arena, the Philippine Senate, to where 16,050,546 Filipinos raised his hands in victory in the 7th rank.

It wasn't always easy, but, in all his struggles, Manny emerged the winner. Life dealt him hard knocks but he always came back. Again, our deep admiration to our Pambansang Kamao. Congratulations!!!

Senator Nancy Binay

Muli na namang ipinamalas ni Senator Emmanuel 'Manny' Pacquiao ang kanyang gilas at husay sa loob ng boxing ring sa pagkapanalo niya laban kay Lucas Matthysse para sa World Boxing Association welterweight championship. (Senator Emmanuel 'Manny Pacquiao again showed his mettle and excellence in the boxing ring with his victory over Lucas Matthysse for the World Boxing Association welterweight championship.)

Ipinakita sa atin ng ating Pambansang Kamao kung paano muling bumangon, at kung paano mapagtagumpayan ang mga balakid sa kabila ng maraming mga hamon sa buhay. (Our Pambansang Kamao showed us how to rise again, and how to overcome obstacles despite the many challenges in life.)

As ever, Pacman's ability to unite us Filipinos and take our breath away with his every move during his matches has no equal. He is our nation's pride and joy. Mabuhay ka Manny! Congratulations at mabuhay ang Filipino! (Long live Manny! Congratulations and long live the Filipino people!)

Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito

Very happy and proud of Manny Pacquiao's victory! Manny has given so much pride and honor to our country. He is one of the best boxers ever. He is already a legend. I would say he has nothing more to prove.

Senator Richard Gordon

Faith in the Filipino! I congratulate Senator Manny Pacquiao for scoring a technical knockout victory over Lucas Matthysse. Manny is champ for the 11th world title.

Manny should serve as an inspiration for our countrymen. He proved that we can all do anything. If it is to be, it must be up to us. Congrats to the greatness of the Filipino!

The fight also showed that age does not matter but it is the will to win that matters. Manny, at 39, wins his umpteenth world title on his 60th fight and Mahathir Mohammad is Prime Minister of Malaysia and staged a comeback at 92.

Senator Panfilo Lacson

My early morning prayer today was for him and Jhack Tepora to be safe, not to be hurt badly, and victorious, all in that order. I thank God my prayer has been heard.

Senator Joel Villanueva

We join the entire nation in congratulating Senator Manny Pacquiao for an outstanding victory against Argentine boxer Lucas Matthysse. Indeed, with hard work and determination, nothing is impossible. Thank you for once again bringing so much honor to the country. Job well done, Senator Manny! Mabuhay ang ating Pambansang Kamao! (Long live our Pambansang Kamao!)

Senator Cynthia Villar

I join Filipinos around the world in celebrating the win of Senator Manny Pacquiao over Argentine boxer Lucas Matthysse.

Manny, in winning the World Boxing Association welterweight belt, has shown to us once more that nothing is impossible if you put your heart and mind [to] achieving a goal.

He has proven his critics wrong and in the process, continues to inspire our youth to never stop trying even in the face of overwhelming odds.

I thank Manny for fighting hard and for making the Filipino a proud race.

– Rappler.com